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Appointment Booking

You can easily look through all the available doctors
You can see your past appointment bookings
You can see your past and upcoming appointment bookings
You can book Appointments for your family members

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Symptom Checker

Easy step-by-step online process
State-of-the-art, professional symptom check platform
You can see all your symptom check history
Results appear in order of health issue probability

Get to know more about health issues:


Over 650 descriptions of conditions and health issues
Reliable information from credible medical experts
ABC searching a listing
Customised system based on user behaviour

Why is Dokio good for clinics?

Providing relevant patients with the help of our Symptom Checker

Using artificial intelligence, we manage customers more efficiently than call centres.

We make appointment booking effective

We provide a real-time online booking service, resulting in fewer customer calls and higher customer satisfaction.

We reduce the proportion of patients who won’t attend

We remind customers and charge a cancellation fee for late cancellations.

Reliable specialist doctors serving your health needs

The doctors of the clinic are included only in the list of selected, trusted doctors.
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Is Dokio free?

Yes. Using Dokio services, i.e. Appointment Booking, Symptom Checker, Knowledgebase, is free of charge.

Why do I need to register?

Registration is required for appointment bookings and symptom checking. A user dashboard is needed for editing or cancelling your appointment bookings. Additionally, we can send confirmations and notifications about the appointments only to registered users.

What does the process of booking an appointment look like?

Registration is required for appointment booking. You’ll only need to provide a valid email address and password. In the first step, you can search for a specialist doctor or medical field, or, if you don’t know which one you should turn to, with the Symptom Checker you can find out what kind of doctor could best serve your health needs. After choosing a medical field, you will see the available doctors, locations and appointment times. After making your selections, you can book an appointment instantly.

Do I always get a confirmation about my booked Appointment?

Yes, we send you a confirmation email every time until you unsubscribe. If you cannot find it, you should check your spam or promotions folder. If you still cannot find it, please contact our customer service at

What do I need to take with me for my Appointment?

You will need to take all relevant documentation of previous screenings and examinations, as well as your ID card or passport and health insurance card (TAJ).

When should I arrive?

The examination or consultation begins at the time you booked for the Appointment. Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the Appointment for the necessary administration. If you arrive more than 10 minutes late you might have to book a new Appointment for your examination or consultation.

How can I pay for the medical service?

Payment always happens at the clinic. The payment methods accepted may vary by location. We will send you detailed information in the booking confirmation e-mail.

What rules apply to seeing a doctor during the pandemic (COVID-19) period?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic visitors will not be permitted to accompany adult patients to their Appointment unless special assistance is required. In the case of a positive result of the on-site triage, prior to the booked examination, the clinic has the right to refuse the medical care service. Please wear your mask during your entire visit in the clinic.

Where will I be able to park?

Parking varies at each location. We will inform you about the specific options in the booking confirmation email.

What should I do if I cannot show up at the booked Appointment?

We know that plans can change but please always be respectful of other patients and let us know if you cannot make it to your Appointment. To reschedule or cancel your Appointment, simply log in, then click the Appointment Booking menu. In case you cancel or reschedule within 48 hours prior to your booked Appointment, or fail to show up to an Appointment, the clinic might charge a cancellation fee. For more details please read our Terms and Conditions.

How can I delete my user account?

We always take the greatest care in ensuring the safety of our registered users’ data. For further details please see our Privacy Policy. Furthermore, to access the results of earlier Symptom Checks and the details of your previous Appointments, as well as to book new Appointments quickly and easily, you need to have a registered account. Should you still wish to delete your user account, please send your request to our customer service via e-mail to


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