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Obstetrics and gynecology

From the first menstruation to menopause

The field of obstetrics and gynecology accompanies women throughout their lives. In addition to the examinations that are needed as early as adolescence, a woman visits a gynecologist over the years with a number of questions about her life situation or age - be it painful menstruation, pregnancy or changing age. Not to mention the recommended annual screening that affects every woman for most of her life. It is typical that more and more people are choosing private obstetrics and gynecology. Due to the nature of the topic, the choice of doctor and the trust in the doctor are important, so this is one of the disciplines where loyalty to the doctor is also very strong. For example, it usually doesn’t matter to patients who accompanies the months of pregnancy and leads a birth that is a significant event in life. Although an online gynecologist can provide helpful advice, in many cases the doctor can only give advice or prescribe the necessary medications and decide on a treatment plan after a personal appointment and examination.

Security and people focus

It is no accident that many choose a private gynecologist. According to a Dokio survey, flexibility, reliability and less waiting are the three important reasons why people choose private health care over public care. Reliability and trust are key issues in gynecology. As early as adolescence, your first appointment with a gynecologist can fundamentally determine how a young lady will stand for her in the future and how boldly she will turn to a specialist with her problems. A lot depends on the screening tests that are regularly recommended. With long-standing problems, proper treatment can affect a patient’s quality of life, and early detection of cervical cancer and other serious illnesses can literally depend on a patient’s life. So one thing is for sure: it is very important that we choose a reliable and empathetic professional in all respects.

Gynecology private appointment without waiting

Long queues or hours of waiting at a gynecological clinic can be quite annoying. Especially in the case of pregnancy, or when we are waiting in line with an unpleasant, painful gynecological complaint. On the website, we list the free appointments of the doctors of many private gynecological clinics, so everyone can find a sympathetic specialist and a gynecological clinic that is suitable for the location and the date. Moreover, there are several gynecologists on A private gynecological appointment allows the patient to arrive at a pre-booked time and take place at a chosen time.

How are private gynecologist prices evolving?

On the website, the price of the services (for example, gynecological examination, cancer screening or HPV screening) can be found under the Price List menu item of the given doctor's profile.